Robert J Anton
4 Tenbrook Industrial Park
Arnold, MO 63010-3128
Latex Class Feedback
Class of May 16, 2009

The hands on Latex Class that takes place at 'The Farm'  in rural south central Kentucky and sponsored through Dulca Scenes Inc. an opportunity not to be missed!   The instructor, Mr. Robert Anton who hails from Arnold, Mo., is the owner/creator of Anton's Latex Fashion Clothing , well known through out the greater St. Louis area.   Mr. Anton, for well over 15 years now, has mastered the Art of how to work with latex rubber, as well as to turn that talent into a creation of unique, original, and of course beautiful latex apparel. His attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, as well as the choice of sheet rubber used in all of Robert's creations is by far, some of the best latex clothing made available today. This class for the bargain price of $125.00 = 8 (+) hours of  one-on-one class instruction time (early discounted registration), materials, and answers to your questions on how to properly work with, repair, and care for your latex items.  I can personally say, that this class taught me much more than I ever thought I knew about working with rubber. Mr. Anton, is an exceptional teacher and instructor. If the world of latex & rubber are a part of your life, and bring you much pleasure and enjoyment...don't miss out on all that this class has to offer!   There really is nothing else out there to compare to what can be learned and achieved by attending one of Mr. Anton's classes.    Cheers...........Charles Rothfuss  Phillipsburg, N.J.
Class of November 6-7, 2010

Robert Anton’s latex seminar at 'The Farm' is by far the most comprehensive and detailed workshop that we have ever attended.  Add to that the fact that it was centered around a skill that is not widely known or freely taught and you have the makings of an excellent educational experience.  From the time we got there on Thursday night till we left Monday morning, we were treated to good company and great atmosphere.  The proprietors of 'The Farm', Doña and Lady Robin, were nothing short of exceptional in their openness and hospitality.  We were given the choice of lodging on 'The Farm' or at a nearby hotel.  We are so glad we chose to stay in the comfortable, fully-furnished apartment on 'The Farm'. All we had to do to attend class was walk across the hall.
However, lodgings aside, the seminar far exceeded our expectations.  With nearly 20 hours of hands-on instruction over the two-day period, my partner and I learned everything from what tools we needed, where to get our own materials, and how to design and construct our own garment.  On day one, we were given an in-detail lesson on the care and buying of latex material and garments.  The next lesson involved the explanation of the tools and materials we would need to start working on our own projects.  Then we moved on to some more hands-on techniques.  We were given two pieces of latex to start with and were guided in preparing both straight and curved seams for gluing, joining pieces together properly, adding zippers and snaps, repairing tears, and some advanced techniques such as ruffles, pleats, and darts.  We were then given a couple hours to practice and improve our skills in the areas that we chose.  Robert encouraged us to explore on our own, but was always open to questions and concerns.  On the second day, we were each given the option to purchase as many yards of latex as we wanted for our own project that we would constructing that day.  Out of one yard of latex, my partner and I were able to make a tank top, a pair of boyshorts, and a pencil skirt with latex to spare.  We were then let loose and were able to apply our newly learned skills with the help and guidance of Robert, if needed.  As an instructor, Robert was extremely patient, upbeat, and student-centered in his approach to teaching.  He was helpful without being overbearing and we were allowed complete freedom in the direction we chose for our projects.
During class intermissions and after the day was done, we were treated to food and fellowship.  Lunch was provided both days included in registration and we were even invited to join them for dinner one night.  Fun was had by everyone and we were able to connect with some new friends.
If you make arrangements early (which we strongly encourage!), you get a discount on the seminar and you can ensure lodging on 'The Farm'.  Early, discounted registration was only $120 per person (not including the cost of latex), we strongly believe that this is more than reasonable.  If you want to explore making latex garments, we highly recommend that you attend this seminar.  Its value in gained skill and experience far outweighs the monetary cost.
You might not expect to find something like this in the middle of nowhere, USA, but it’s there and it’s worth every penny we spent.  If you truly love latex or are just curious, we encourage you to get into contact with Dulca Scenes and make your reservations now.
Class of November 6-7, 2010

WHAT A WONDERFUL TWO DAYS I HAD.  I ENJOYED ALL THE TEACHING AND TRAINING AND EVEN GARMENT MAKING YES I ACTUALLY MADE TWO GARMENTS MENDED MY OWN MISTAKES.  I have never had so much hands on anywhere.  Robert was the most encouraging teacher of his trade I have ever encountered.  This man held NOTHING back even down to the simplest and cheapest way to effectively do this.  Lady Robin and Doña were fantastic hosts and everyone that attended was wonderful and warm open and friendly sharing personal experiences and laughter and hugs.  When I left it was like leaving my family.  I would encourage anyone who has the chance to attend his classes or to visit 'The Farm' to do so.  The experience is PRICELESS.  I just want to thank Lady Robin, Doña and Robert for making my two days so fantastic.  Oh and the ones that were there in the class thank you all for the memories and the skirt I made will be treasured.  Thanks to all who made this possible for me to learn and enjoy.  I will be back oh my, I sound like Arnold Shwartzineger....