Latex is sold by the yard.  Click on the gauge at the left and see the colors and amount I have in stock.

I try to keep the amount of latex I have on hand up to date. 

Most of my latex is 36in. wide. Black & red in .33 mm is 78 1/2 in. (2 Meters) wide.

If there are other colors, gauges you would like that I don’t have at this time let me know and I will order it with the next order to the UK. It takes 6 to 10 weeks to received the order after it is sent. I   CAN not give you a price on non stock sheet latex as the cost of latex, shipping changes and money exchange changes all the time.   
0.16 mm
.15/.18 mm
0.20 mm
.18/.25 mm
0.33 mm
.31/.38 mm
0.45 mm
.43/.50 mm
0.55 mm
.50/.63 mm
0.65 mm
  .63/.76 mm
0.80 mm
.76/.89 mm
0.92 mm
.89/1.02 mm
1.05 mm
1.02/1.17 mm
Colors and gauges always change with my stock coming and going.

The cost of the latex is based on the manufacture price and the shipping cost from the UK.
The prices may vary do to the cost of latex, shipping and money exchange.

All my latex is from 4D Rubber Co. in England.
Free Shipping of Sheet Latex with orders more than $100.00. NO shipping outside the USA 
Latex is sold by the YARD
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