Classes on making and repairing latex
Latex Sheeting Sold by the Yard
I started wearing latex in the late 60’s early 70’s.
There was not a lot out there for men to wears out on the street.
So in the late 90’s I played around with some sheet latex that I purchase and made myself pants, shirt, vest and tie.

In 2000 I made myself a white tux with tails and top hat all out of latex for the Fetish Ball in St. Louis.

I went to ‘The Farm’ (Dulca Scenes Inc.) in Kentucky and took a latex class they offered and found out I was doing most of the same thing they were teaching in the class, I did find out a lot of little things that made working on latex go faster and easier. That has been 10 plus years ago.

I am teaching Latex Class to help others with their latex making skills. It is offered here in Arnold, Missouri and sometimes at ‘The Farm’ in Kentucky.

I also make things like vacuum beds, cubs and other latex items.

I have a small stock of 4D Rubber latex that I do sell to help out other people
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